Wayne and Phoebe’s engagement photo shoot was our first time working with a small team, and we were super excited to be able to work with a wedding planner and a make up artist! We loved every moment of it – the people, the location, the singing… We were definitely so blessed to have witnessed the beautiful light that lit up the forest.

Wayne and Phoebe were super fun to work with and super relaxed. We even got to enjoy them singing together while Wayne jammed on his guitar. These two are honestly too cute together and we simply can’t wait for their wedding in summer!

IMG_3340 IMG_1809 wayne collage IMG_1884 IMG_1899 IMG_2060 IMG_2947 IMG_3218 IMG_3200 IMG_2133 IMG_2172 wayne collage 2 IMG_3084 IMG_2207 IMG_2212 IMG_2280 IMG_2241 IMG_2261 IMG_3129 IMG_3333 IMG_2396 IMG_3358