I knew both Sean & Nikki all the way back in University – and to be able to document this milestone makes the moment that much more special and unique.

Queenstown was spectacular.  The atmosphere, the ambience and the backdrops all contributed to a great shoot.  Although the weather was a bit choppy at times, we still managed to capture some amazing moments!  Sean and Nikki are just so natural in front of the camera :)

Here’s a sneak peak from our time down in Queenstown!


IMG_3997 IMG_4061 IMG_4091 IMG_4124 IMG_4137 IMG_4187 IMG_4150 IMG_4269 copy IMG_4294 IMG_4405 IMG_4409 IMG_4450 IMG_4463 IMG_4502 IMG_4465 IMG_4475 IMG_4558 IMG_4600 IMG_4669 IMG_4677 IMG_4699 IMG_4728 IMG_4792 IMG_5023 IMG_5058 IMG_5076 IMG_5129 IMG_5202 IMG_5216 IMG_5264 IMG_5236 IMG_5282 IMG_5405 copy IMG_5478 IMG_5466 IMG_5426 IMG_5442 IMG_5451