What better way to kick off the wedding season than to celebrate Robbie and Tracey’s declaration of love.  This was one of the most enjoyable wedding that we’ve documented to date and we thoroughly enjoyed every single moment of it.  Not only did they demonstrate their unconditional love for each other, but as an observer, we felt like we’re constantly being drawn in by their attractions towards each other.  Their love for each other are over the chart – we shall let the pictures speak for itself.

Here’s a snippet of their magical day :)

CAR_9566IMG_7375 IMG_7402 IMG_7437 IMG_7536 IMG_7455 IMG_7539 IMG_7690 IMG_7696 IMG_7914 IMG_7920 IMG_7942 IMG_7945 IMG_7972 IMG_7976 IMG_8029 IMG_8038 IMG_8053 IMG_8075 IMG_8095 IMG_8103 IMG_8117


IMG_8146 IMG_8125 IMG_8165 IMG_8214


IMG_8215 IMG_8281 IMG_8271 IMG_8216 IMG_8302 IMG_8309 IMG_8340 IMG_8376 IMG_8420 IMG_8429 IMG_8438 IMG_8450 IMG_8477 IMG_8487 IMG_8517 IMG_8553 IMG_8568 IMG_8658 IMG_8719 IMG_8737 IMG_8746 IMG_8755 IMG_8815 IMG_8845 IMG_8851 IMG_8855 IMG_8881 IMG_8890 IMG_8927 IMG_8952 IMG_8987 IMG_9000 IMG_9019 IMG_9030 IMG_9033 IMG_9046 IMG_9092 IMG_9116 IMG_9121 IMG_9129 IMG_9143 IMG_9195 IMG_9218 IMG_9280 IMG_9287 IMG_9320 IMG_9363 IMG_9387 IMG_9440 IMG_9456 IMG_9475 IMG_9495