This was the first time that we did a wedding shoot at Castaway Bay.  We saw some images previously shot there and we were EXCITED!

It was a beautiful day with gentle breezes with clear blue sky.  Castaway Bay is situated on the spectacular coastal cliff tops of Karioitahi Beach in Auckland,  which provided a secluded and intimate area for the big day.

Rayvin & Joyce enjoyed quite a relaxed morning, including a tea ceremony with close family.  It was filled with joyous moments and blessings.  The ceremony sat on top of the cliff edge, overseeing the beautiful waters beyond.  What further enhanced this was the worships, the blessings and the heartfelt vows that came after. 

The photoshoot after was immensely fun as we gained access to a private farm.  This allowed us access to an old barn and a higher cliff point.  The bridal party was accomodating which made the shoot that much more enjoyable!  The speeches during the reception was sure another highlights, with many memories brought up that enhanced the beautiful relationship that Rayvin & Joyce shared. 

We wish you both the best in the journey ahead as you two step into the next exciting adventure together :)