We had such an awesome time during Nikki’s graduation session despite being stuck indoors the entire time. Not only was it pouring outside, but workers were also water blasting the exterior of the Wintergarden Pavilion, leaving pipes everywhere, making it extremely difficult to take any outdoor shots. Luckily Nikki and her whole family were all so understanding it made working in such a small, confined space tons of fun! Not to mention they were also very patient when it comes to waiting for tourist groups, visitors and other members of the public to move away from each shot.

Thank you Nikki for also writing a small message for us after you’ve received the package, we are extremely happy to hear that you loved all the photos! Congratulations again and we wish you every success in your next endeavour!

IMG_9425 IMG_9503 IMG_9475 IMG_9812 IMG_9768 nikki collage IMG_9661 IMG_9641 nikki collage 3 nikki collage 2