Weddings in essence are about people.  Individuals coming together to celebrate a beautiful union.  As a wedding photographer, there are many factors that makes up a photo – light, locations, angles… the list just seems to go on.  But, ultimately, our task is to capture and document people.

Luckily for me, Ivan & Karen’s wedding was filled with fun and energetic individuals. Time just flew by as we shot since we were enjoying every single moment of it.  Early in the morning, the groomsmen were already enthusiastically participating in the pre-tea ceremony games, setting a lighthearted atmosphere for the day.  The ceremony was filled with touching moments, and Ivan and Karen’s vows were definitely something that left many in tears.  The photoshoot session after was done in several locations before the dinner reception, which was filled with amazing moments (we will let the photos do the talking here).  Another highlight was the discovery of a field of long grass just behind the reception area, allowing us to capture some pretty spectacular sunset shots! 

Here’s a snippet of Ivan & Karen’s magical wedding :)