A few weeks ago we were fortunate to capture Chad & Debbie’s big day at the Auckland Botanic Gardens.  The day started off with a few drizzles, but the sky cleared up during the ceremony and we proceeded with a simple and intimate wedding.  To top things off, the cherry blossoms were in full bloom during that time, making the day and photos even more special. 

We can definitely see the love as they look at each other, and we wish you guys the best for the future! Here’s a few highlights from the wedding :)


IMG_1756 IMG_8087 IMG_8085 IMG_1802 IMG_8132IMG_8152IMG_1838 IMG_8214IMG_1842 IMG_8258IMG_1871IMG_8299IMG_8336IMG_1976 IMG_1992IMG_1985IMG_8345IMG_8395IMG_8427IMG_2158 IMG_2164 IMG_2257 IMG_8873 IMG_8471 IMG_8485 IMG_8488 IMG_8533 IMG_8597 IMG_8637 IMG_8666 IMG_8715 IMG_8737 IMG_8908 IMG_8948