Rayvin & Joyce

This was the first time that we did a wedding shoot at Castaway Bay.  We saw some images previously shot there and we were EXCITED!

It was a beautiful day with gentle breezes with clear blue sky.  Castaway Bay is situated on the spectacular coastal cliff tops of Karioitahi Beach in Auckland,  which provided a secluded and intimate area for the big day.

Rayvin & Joyce enjoyed quite a relaxed morning, including a tea ceremony with close family.  It was filled with joyous moments and blessings.  The ceremony sat on top of the cliff edge, overseeing the beautiful waters beyond.  What further enhanced this was the worships, the blessings and the heartfelt vows that came after. 

The photoshoot after was immensely fun as we gained access to a private farm.  This allowed us access to an old barn and a higher cliff point.  The bridal party was accomodating which made the shoot that much more enjoyable!  The speeches during the reception was sure another highlights, with many memories brought up that enhanced the beautiful relationship that Rayvin & Joyce shared. 

We wish you both the best in the journey ahead as you two step into the next exciting adventure together :)

Ivan & Karen

Weddings in essence are about people.  Individuals coming together to celebrate a beautiful union.  As a wedding photographer, there are many factors that makes up a photo – light, locations, angles… the list just seems to go on.  But, ultimately, our task is to capture and document people.

Luckily for me, Ivan & Karen’s wedding was filled with fun and energetic individuals. Time just flew by as we shot since we were enjoying every single moment of it.  Early in the morning, the groomsmen were already enthusiastically participating in the pre-tea ceremony games, setting a lighthearted atmosphere for the day.  The ceremony was filled with touching moments, and Ivan and Karen’s vows were definitely something that left many in tears.  The photoshoot session after was done in several locations before the dinner reception, which was filled with amazing moments (we will let the photos do the talking here).  Another highlight was the discovery of a field of long grass just behind the reception area, allowing us to capture some pretty spectacular sunset shots! 

Here’s a snippet of Ivan & Karen’s magical wedding :)

Sidney & Shirley

Several months ago, we were honoured to photograph and witness Sidney & Shirley’s marriage.  Despite documenting so many weddings over the past few years, there are still elements during their day that surprises, there are still words that seeps to our hearts, there are small touches here and there that makes us appreciate the shear amount of effort placed into this wedding, and finally, gestures of love that gives us a glimpses of what ‘unconditional love’ is.

It was great working with Sidney and Shirley.  The day flowed seamlessly, from the blindfolded groom anxiously anticipating the first look of his bride, to the small and intimate tea ceremony by the pond.  The ceremony was touching with beautifully written vows that were genuinely from their hearts through the experience that they shared together.  Although the photoshoot session was all done on site, we still managed to capture many beautiful shots – showing once again that it’s the people that makes the shoot enjoyable.  The element of surprise was the bridal party entrance into reception.  They did an amazing dance to a K-pop song, leaving many in awe at how wonderfully composed it was.  As the sun set, we decided to go out and chase the light.  It took quite a few wrong turns to finally find the perfect location, and after a long hike up a steep hill, we caught the last glimpse of the glorious light.  Totally worth it.

We wish you both the all the best for the journey ahead.  We are sure that adventures lie in front with many beautiful memories to be created.  May you two continue be a blessing to people around you and glorify Him through this relationship :)

Tommy & Sindy

It’s always enjoyable documenting the celebratory fusion between the eastern culture of tea ceremony and the western approach to a wedding.  Tommy and Sindy’s wedding flowed beautifully from one end to another, and everyone there could definitely feel their love for each other through their exchange of glances, laughters and actions.

The games organised by the bridesmaid before the tea ceremony were completed with ease by the groomsmen, with many laughable moments.  Many tears were shed during the ceremony as Tommy and Sindy exchanged vows and their love for each other.  One of the bridesmaid – Nancy surprised the bride with a surprise song “Home”, which left Sindy in joyful tears.

We wish both of you the best on your journey ahead.  May it be filled with beautiful moments as witnessed during this beautiful milestone of your lives.

Jacky & Mimi

Photographing weddings have always been a passion.  The atmosphere, the joyous moments, the appreciation of the amount of effort into decorating and simply being able to document all of these is simply bliss.

Jacky and Mimi’s big day was indeed exemplary.  From the incredibly organised schedule, to the much finer details of decoration and attire, they were all executed with precision and thought.  The ceremony was held at Five Knots at Mission Bay, and although the weather during that period wasn’t the finest, it did not stop any of the family and friends from giving the couple their utmost blessings.  The photoshoot was again made fun through all the bubbly and expressive nature of all the bridal party (the photos definitely showed).  As the night approached, the expression of emotions through speeches was also done exceptionally well, with many left with teary eyes.

Jacky and Mimi – we wish you guys all the very best on your exciting journey.  We can tell that God has really put you two together and am sure that this adventure ahead will be way more fun together!

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Kharn & Katie

Kharn & Katie got married at Gracehill Vineyard Estate.  Although we’ve shot there several times, each wedding somehow brings a variety of atmosphere and ambience to the place.  The wedding was lighthearted, filled with happiness, laughters and was just a very fun place to be.  Being the shy guy that Kharn was, you can still tell how much love he had for Katie as he confessed boldly, leaving not only her but all that were present a bit teary.

The bridal party brought vibrancy and energy to the shoot, and time flew by as we tried out a variety of exciting poses.  As two family from two different background and heritage comes together as one, it was beautiful seeing the appreciation and love that was shared.

Here’s a snippet of Kharn & Katie’s big day :)

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Victor & Latalie

A few months ago, we were fortunate enough to documented Victor and Latalie’s engagement shoot.  That was really enjoyable and allowed us to understand each other on a more personal level.  With that trust, it allowed us to document this special milestone with ease and comfort.

Victor and Latalie’s wedding day was amazing.  Not only did we got to photograph such a festive event, but we also got to experience the joy that comes with their love.  It brought people together, laughters, hugs, the occasional teary eyes… it sure heighten emotions!  We had such fun throughout the whole day that time just flew by without us even realising.  We shall let the photos do the talking for us.

We wish you guys both the best as you walk, grow, laugh and experience life together.  We are sure that it will definitely be filled with joy & God’s grace :)

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Seung & Sylvia

No matter how many weddings that we’ve documented, there’s always something indescribable and magical when two people decide to publicly declare their love for each other and dedicate their life to each other.  Seung & Sylvia’s wedding was one of this.

The day started off with bridal prep, which comprise of a few teary eyes as they read through their exchanged letters.  Since the wedding ceremony was in late afternoon, the bride and groom decided to do their first look prior to the ceremony – the smiles in their faces were so genuine and sweet.  As the day progressed, despite the occasional spitting of rain, the dynamics of the bridal party was definitely increasing.  This resulted in some really awesome shots!

Here are a few snippets of the day, we wish you guys all the best on this life long journey :)

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Robbie & Tracey

What better way to kick off the wedding season than to celebrate Robbie and Tracey’s declaration of love.  This was one of the most enjoyable wedding that we’ve documented to date and we thoroughly enjoyed every single moment of it.  Not only did they demonstrate their unconditional love for each other, but as an observer, we felt like we’re constantly being drawn in by their attractions towards each other.  Their love for each other are over the chart – we shall let the pictures speak for itself.

Here’s a snippet of their magical day :)

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Scott & Emma

Scott & Emma’s wedding was definitely a fun and festive one.  The day was intimate and was filled with laughters and blessings.  It was great to see many family and friends brought in from different parts of the world to witness the big day.

The photos definitely speaks for themselves – with many intimate and close moments that flowed out naturally.  Thanks to the amazing bridal party, the photoshoot went incredibly well.

We wish you both the very best with your exciting journey ahead :)

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