Fung & Liz

Dominic & Dorothy

We shot Dominic & Dorothy’s unique engagement shoot a while back in Auckland CBD, and it’s a privilege to be able to capture their love for each other again during one of their biggest milestone!

The weather did not stop this power couple!  Despite doing a last minute change to an indoor option due to the downpour, the smiles and looks just grew with every step the Dorothy took as she walked down the isle.

It was a day filled with laughters, gratitude, happiness and love – lots and lots of them :)  We will let the images do the talking!

Jonny & Erica

Unique weddings are hard to come by, yet Jonny & Erica’s wedding was surely one of them!

We were fortunate enough to be involved in documenting their big day in Christchurch.  They got married at The Commons, but their wedding was definitely anything but common.  Despite the drizzling rain at times, the colourful hanging umbrellas on the glulam structure surely lightened up the mood.  There were many laughters, many joyous tears shed and many many beautiful moments witnessed.  I’ll let the photos will be able to do the talking :)

Jonny & Erica, we wish the very best for you on this exciting journey ahead and I’m sure Christchurch will surely be blessed through your care and effort!

Elim & Jo

Elim & Jo’s wedding was an amazing one to document.  There were many interesting moments and details that got us all worked up as we were lucky enough to share these with the couple – from the early and intimate tea ceremony and blessings, to the concluding surprise heartfelt song that Elim wrote for Jo.

The wedding was set at a beautiful outdoor location with massive trees setting the background.  Although the sun was high up, these backdrops managed to provide shades where required.  We also had an incredibly beautiful bridal party shoot in the forrest, in which we got many great shots of the couple, but even greater shots of the bridal party ;) 

The speeches at the reception left many laughing, and a few in joyful tears.  But the highlight would definitely go to Enoch’s (Elim’s best man) haka right after his hilarious speech.  Incredible.

As the wedding came to the near conclusion, instead of a typical first dance, Elim & Jo decided to do a ‘first song’ instead.  The reason behind this was that because Elis use to write Jo a song for each special occasion since they dated, so this was an amazing mash up of all those songs together performed by the couple.  After the song, Elim surprised Jo with a finale – his new song for her.  That definitely left many in tears.

We wish you both the best for the journey ahead.  Can already tell that the house will be filled with beautiful music, loads of fun and more importantly, an immerse level of love.

Rayvin & Joyce

This was the first time that we did a wedding shoot at Castaway Bay.  We saw some images previously shot there and we were EXCITED!

It was a beautiful day with gentle breezes with clear blue sky.  Castaway Bay is situated on the spectacular coastal cliff tops of Karioitahi Beach in Auckland,  which provided a secluded and intimate area for the big day.

Rayvin & Joyce enjoyed quite a relaxed morning, including a tea ceremony with close family.  It was filled with joyous moments and blessings.  The ceremony sat on top of the cliff edge, overseeing the beautiful waters beyond.  What further enhanced this was the worships, the blessings and the heartfelt vows that came after. 

The photoshoot after was immensely fun as we gained access to a private farm.  This allowed us access to an old barn and a higher cliff point.  The bridal party was accomodating which made the shoot that much more enjoyable!  The speeches during the reception was sure another highlights, with many memories brought up that enhanced the beautiful relationship that Rayvin & Joyce shared. 

We wish you both the best in the journey ahead as you two step into the next exciting adventure together :)

Ivan & Karen

Weddings in essence are about people.  Individuals coming together to celebrate a beautiful union.  As a wedding photographer, there are many factors that makes up a photo – light, locations, angles… the list just seems to go on.  But, ultimately, our task is to capture and document people.

Luckily for me, Ivan & Karen’s wedding was filled with fun and energetic individuals. Time just flew by as we shot since we were enjoying every single moment of it.  Early in the morning, the groomsmen were already enthusiastically participating in the pre-tea ceremony games, setting a lighthearted atmosphere for the day.  The ceremony was filled with touching moments, and Ivan and Karen’s vows were definitely something that left many in tears.  The photoshoot session after was done in several locations before the dinner reception, which was filled with amazing moments (we will let the photos do the talking here).  Another highlight was the discovery of a field of long grass just behind the reception area, allowing us to capture some pretty spectacular sunset shots! 

Here’s a snippet of Ivan & Karen’s magical wedding :)