Huang Family

We photographed David, Jenny and family on a beautiful morning at Mellons Bay. The first part of the shoot was down at the beach before we relocated to David’s parents stunning home to photograph some more.

IMG_0589 IMG_0653 IMG_0667 IMG_1043 IMG_1065 IMG_0998 IMG_1010 IMG_1112 IMG_0817


Had the chance to photograph our stunning friend, Chelsea at the Botanic Gardens a few months ago. It was such a great evening for a photoshoot and the sunset was just beautiful.

IMG_3156 IMG_3172 IMG_3177 IMG_7365 collage2 collage3 collage1 IMG_7456 IMG_7513

Bin Family

Recently, we’ve had the chance to photograph quite a few family portraits and most of them were birthday gifts for their special someone.

A few years ago, we had a photo shoot with little Lincoln when he was just a few months old. He was one of our first little model’s to photograph when Cue Photography was first established. Now, he’s such a clever and cute little boy and as always, it’s so nice to see them all grown. How time flies :)

IMG_8483 IMG_8506 IMG_8676 collage IMG_8889 IMG_4065 IMG_8660 IMG_8799 IMG_8805 IMG_8979 IMG_8746-2 IMG_9003

Lui Family

It was definitely our pleasure to photograph Anna and her family for the third time and it’s so great to see the kids all grown up too. Like many children during photo shoots, Julia was quite shy at the start but she gradually got use to us near the end. This photo shoot was mostly held at the grandparent’s home as they had such an amazing garden with fish ponds and aviaries!

IMG_3122 IMG_6906 IMG_6923 IMG_6959 IMG_6963 IMG_7258 IMG_7002 IMG_7060 IMG_7096 IMG_7128 IMG_7235 IMG_7198 collage

Hoeh Family

We had the pleasure to meet Dorothy and her lovely family for a family portrait session. We frequently visit Auckland Domain for our photoshoots whether it be weddings, graduations and personal portrait sessions, but it’s so amazing how unique each sessions turns out to be despite being in the same location. Little Rex & Grace were such stars, we went through the entire session without a cry! In fact, baby Grace constantly had a smile on her face and it’s sooo adorable and contagious!

IMG_6042 IMG_6055 IMG_6114 Rex collage IMG_6217 IMG_6118-2 IMG_6346 IMG_3060 IMG_3069 IMG_6379 IMG_3079 IMG_6583 IMG_6593

Isabella & Mitchell

Saturday’s weather was incredibly beautiful and we got to spend the morning with this awesome family. Bella & Mitch both have the biggest blue eyes and such fun, bubbly personality. It was so cute seeing Mitch giggle at things Bella would do and Bella following what Mitch would do… So sooo precious :)

bella collage bella collage2 collage IMG_4092 IMG_4125 IMG_4288 IMG_4191 IMG_4217 IMG_4228 IMG_4260 IMG_4158 IMG_4326 IMG_4334 IMG_4336 IMG_4362

Vada-Rose & Aaliyah

Had an amazing opportunity photographing these two models in the making. Vada-Rose and Aaliyah are such naturals in front of the camera, and it was one of their first ever experiences out of the studio setting! Glad to see that they both had fun :)

IMG_0667 IMG_0691 IMG_0836 IMG_9865 IMG_0816 IMG_0812 IMG_0757 vada collage IMG_0999 IMG_0977 IMG_0860 IMG_1071 IMG_1097 IMG_1059 IMG_9983 IMG_9979


Braxton was our 1st birthday giveaway winner, and we had a very quick mini session with him at Bucklands Beach. Doesn’t he just have the cutest blue eyes!?

IMG_0492 IMG_9760 IMG_0398 IMG_0323 IMG_9807