Little Frankie was only 3 months old when we photographed her. We were greeted with lots of smiles from her when we arrived so we  had to act quick to capture some of that gorgeous smile! She’s just too adorable and we’re so lucky to have beautiful  little models as clients :)

IMG_1173 IMG_1273 collage1 IMG_1276-2 IMG_1413-2 IMG_1365 IMG_1363 IMG_1456 IMG_1459 IMG_5426


We simply love taking maternity and newborn photos for the same client. Little Petra’s shoot was oriented towards a lifestyle/natural shoot as her mum wanted to document the decorations in her nursery to show her once she’s older. The room was so well decorated in gold and white with prints delivered all the way from Europe! So beautiful, cute and classy and we are so glad to have been able to photograph it all.

petra collage IMG_5664 IMG_5669 IMG_5684 IMG_2984 IMG_5804 IMG_2988 IMG_5907 IMG_5862 IMG_3006 petra collage 2 petra collage 3 IMG_5958 IMG_5990-2


Cute Marcus was another little bundle that slept through most of the shoot. At one stage he was so comfortable in one of the baskets, we couldn’t bear moving him out. Truly a special little gift for a wonderful family :)

IMG_9657 personal loans in escondido ca IMG_3677IMG_3698
IMG_3688 IMG_9667 IMG_9668 IMG_3786 IMG_9674 IMG_3766 IMG_3805 IMG_3853

Poppy Seed

Little Poppy Seed was only 11 days young when we photographed him. He was an early arrival baby so was the smallest little newborn we have met so far… Weighing just under 3kg’s! Gorgeous wee boy with the cutest little nickname :)

IMG_3195 IMG_3166 IMG_3197 IMG_3205 IMG_3214 IMG_9602 IMG_9626 IMG_3270 IMG_3293 IMG_3297


We photographed Lily at 16 days young. She had sooo much energy she barely even napped throughout the session. So rather than trying to pose her while she was awake, we just allowed her to do her own little poses. She even lifted herself up, such a clever girl!

IMG_4393 IMG_4160 IMG_4363 IMG_4364 IMG_4371 IMG_4301 IMG_4156 IMG_6384 IMG_6390 IMG_6429


Kyra’s photo shoot was one of our first mini sessions. She was only 4 days young when we photographed her and like her brother Jayden, she was a breeze to photograph.

IMG_2575 IMG_2584 IMG_5719 IMG_5762 IMG_2695 IMG_5788 IMG_5807


We were fortunate enough to meet another cute wee poppet that was simply a breeze to photograph! Little Vai took a liking to Yuqi and constantly grinned when she saw her… Too adorable!

IMG_5068 vai collage IMG_0021 IMG_5182 IMG_0069 IMG_0122 IMG_0141 IMG_5243 IMG_0189 IMG_5265 IMG_5322


The most challenging part of photography is having to improvise with an unexpected situation. Newborns are particularly unpredictable, and sometimes with big props they react differently.

We photographed Lilya at 10 days young, but she was slightly unsettled that day. She did however, fall asleep for 10 minutes  which was just enough for us to quickly get some posed shots of her. We even managed to sneak on a little snail costume. Such a sweet wee poppet :)

IMG_5565 IMG_4057 IMG_5660 IMG_5525 IMG_5698 IMG_5690 IMG_5691 IMG_4108 IMG_5671 IMG_4122 IMG_5706 IMG_5746


The maternity shoot came when William was only 9 days young – and OH, he was so adorable.  Although there were a few ‘accidents’ here and there ;) we got some cute moments of this precious baby.  And we also got a greeting from their cat Harry who visited us near the end of the session :)

IMG_2597 IMG_2681 IMG_2742 IMG_4451collage copy IMG_2760 IMG_2872 IMG_3465 IMG_3506 IMG_3542 IMG_3494


Jayden was our 2013 competition winner and we finally got to meet this cute bubba on a nice and sunny morning. It’s not everyday you meet a newborn who can remain so calm throughout a photoshoot session. Jayden was too cooperative it made our job just that much easier!

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