Although this graduation season we couldn’t take on as many clients as we would like, however, we got to capture several of our close friends’ tremendous achievements and we are so honoured that you guys have all chosen us to record this special milestone.

I have known Ian for over a decade now, and to see him one step closer to his calling really did make this day even more special.

I’m super proud of you and your achievements, and I’m sure you’ll become an amazing lawyer.

– Gary

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Jennie graduated from Law & Commerce, and she had the brilliant idea of photographing at the two schools as well as Albert Park for some family shots. It’s always so great seeing how proud the parents are of graduates and it is so inspiring for us!

IMG_3664 IMG_3682 IMG_3719 IMG_3714 IMG_3779IMG_3799 IMG_3829 IMG_3839 IMG_3884 IMG_3995 IMG_3978 IMG_3901 IMG_3919 IMG_3906


It’s always great to photograph around the University of Auckland. It has so many beautiful spots there’s hardly enough time to shoot at every location. We tried to go to as many places as possible for Brando’s graduation shoot, and despite the awful weather that hit us during the session, we still had an amazing time.

Congratulations Brando and your honours in Engineering!


IMG_3264 IMG_3350 IMG_3409 IMG_3417 IMG_3445 IMG_3461 IMG_3500 IMG_3608 IMG_3616 IMG_3638 IMG_3643 IMG_3651


Emily flew all the way from Perth for one day just for her graduation! We were honoured to have captured this precious moment for her. Congratulations Emily!


IMG_2592 IMG_2190 IMG_2199 IMG_2378 IMG_2340 IMG_2335 IMG_2308 IMG_2241 IMG_2301 IMG_2476 IMG_2470 IMG_2520 IMG_2516



We have both known Cynthia for several years now, and she is the most kind-hearted and optimistic person you can come across. We couldn’t be more proud of your achievement!

Huge congratulations!


IMG_2677 IMG_2603 IMG_2612 IMG_2621 IMG_2626 IMG_2672 IMG_2690 IMG_2863 IMG_2974 IMG_2962 IMG_2951 IMG_2789 IMG_3004 IMG_2980


We had the privilege of spending a lovely Sunday morning celebrating Nikki’s recent completion of her master’s degree. Congrats Nikki :)

IMG_2739 nikki collageIMG_2814 IMG_2828 nikki collage 2IMG_2943 IMG_2947

IMG_3043 IMG_3065 IMG_3082 IMG_3088 IMG_3101 IMG_3111


Huge congrats to our good friend Shewa who just completed her conjoint degree at the age of 21! First time photo shooting a grad session at this location, and really loving it!

IMG_7121 IMG_7175 IMG_0925 shewa collage IMG_0934 IMG_0985 IMG_0972 IMG_7251 IMG_7223 IMG_7343


We had Joyce’s session straight after Joanne & Todd’s, so we stayed at the Rose Garden as there were hardly anyone around – the joys of photographing in the morning!

joyce collage IMG_6305 joyce collage 2 joyce collage 3 IMG_6443 IMG_6363 IMG_6497 IMG_6649 IMG_6554 IMG_6589 IMG_6718

Joanne & Todd

Photographed siblings Joanne & Todd on a beautiful Saturday morning at Parnell Rose Garden. For Joanne, this was her first time graduating, but for Todd, we were lucky enough to photo shoot him last year when he graduated his Bachelors.

IMG_5659 IMG_5728 payday loans prescott az IMG_5760 IMG_5800 IMG_5804 IMG_5819 IMG_5935 IMG_5957 IMG_5968 IMG_6011 IMG_6012 IMG_6043 IMG_6063 IMG_6077 IMG_6176-2