Ivan & Karen

Met up with Ivan & Karen a few weeks ago for their engagement shoot down at Silo Park, Auckland.  Personally I have never shot a portrait there, so it was an exciting experience.  In addition, we even managed to borrow an old school Mini for our shoot (see below!)

Ivan & Karen were a delight to shoot with, and I can wait to document their important milestone later this month – will let the photos do the talking for now  :)

IMG_9354IMG_9390 IMG_9447 IMG_9476 IMG_9481 IMG_9488 IMG_9562 IMG_9639 IMG_9640 IMG_9669 IMG_9702 IMG_9734 IMG_9742 IMG_9789 IMG_9828 IMG_9865 IMG_9872

Sean & Nikki

I knew both Sean & Nikki all the way back in University – and to be able to document this milestone makes the moment that much more special and unique.

Queenstown was spectacular.  The atmosphere, the ambience and the backdrops all contributed to a great shoot.  Although the weather was a bit choppy at times, we still managed to capture some amazing moments!  Sean and Nikki are just so natural in front of the camera :)

Here’s a sneak peak from our time down in Queenstown!


IMG_3997 IMG_4061 IMG_4091 IMG_4124 IMG_4137 IMG_4187 IMG_4150 IMG_4269 copy IMG_4294 IMG_4405 IMG_4409 IMG_4450 IMG_4463 IMG_4502 IMG_4465 IMG_4475 IMG_4558 IMG_4600 IMG_4669 IMG_4677 IMG_4699 IMG_4728 IMG_4792 IMG_5023 IMG_5058 IMG_5076 IMG_5129 IMG_5202 IMG_5216 IMG_5264 IMG_5236 IMG_5282 IMG_5405 copy IMG_5478 IMG_5466 IMG_5426 IMG_5442 IMG_5451

Blandon & Frances

Had the most incredible time photo-shooting these two lovebirds at Woodhill. We’ve known Frances for a few years now after studying the same degree at university, and it’s safe to say both her and Blandon are the two sweetest and loveliest people! We’re so happy for you both and simply cannot wait for your wedding at the end of the year!!

IMG_1770 IMG_1778 next day cash IMG_1534 IMG_5431 IMG_1587 IMG_1706 IMG_5458 collage1 IMG_1624 IMG_1682 IMG_1806 IMG_1813 IMG_1827 IMG_5475 IMG_1942 IMG_1943 IMG_1964 IMG_1982 IMG_1990 IMG_1992 IMG_2028 IMG_2046


Carlo & Shirley

Carlo & Shirley’s engagement session was held around the Harbour Bridge close to where Carlo proposed! These two are so photogenic we loved working with them. Simply cannot wait for their wedding in less than a months time.

Special thanks to Rio & Anne for helping out :)

IMG_5778IMG_5760 IMG_5717 IMG_5721 IMG_5681 IMG_5674 carlo shirley collage IMG_5855 IMG_5843 IMG_5893 carlo shirley collage2 IMG_5985 IMG_5986

Shiv & Jannine

Shiv & Jannine’s couple photo shoot at Hunua was so enchanted, we loved every bit of the shoot! We started quite early in the morning hoping to catch some of the morning fog, but by the time we got there, the sun had already dissipated it. But nevertheless, it still created a very fairy-tale like setting which was just beautiful. Shiv & Jannine were super photogenic and very natural in front of the camera, which made it super difficult for us to select which images to edit and give them.

IMG_8720 IMG_8911 IMG_9731 IMG_9705 IMG_9757 IMG_8737 IMG_8768 shiv jannine collage 3 IMG_9856 shiv jannine collage 2 IMG_9895 IMG_9951 IMG_8833 IMG_9980 IMG_8871 shiv jannine collage IMG_0037


Wayne & Phoebe

Wayne and Phoebe’s engagement photo shoot was our first time working with a small team, and we were super excited to be able to work with a wedding planner and a make up artist! We loved every moment of it – the people, the location, the singing… We were definitely so blessed to have witnessed the beautiful light that lit up the forest.

Wayne and Phoebe were super fun to work with and super relaxed. We even got to enjoy them singing together while Wayne jammed on his guitar. These two are honestly too cute together and we simply can’t wait for their wedding in summer!

IMG_3340 IMG_1809 wayne collage IMG_1884 IMG_1899 IMG_2060 IMG_2947 IMG_3218 IMG_3200 IMG_2133 IMG_2172 wayne collage 2 IMG_3084 IMG_2207 IMG_2212 IMG_2280 IMG_2241 IMG_2261 IMG_3129 IMG_3333 IMG_2396 IMG_3358